Hi this is Col.
I'm a new forum member thanks to the invite from Victor Plitt. I am more a metal caster (Foundry) than a blacksmith, but there is no reason why the two metal skills cannot be combined to create many different metal creations.

As a kid on the old family farm way back when, I used to spend hours in the old farm blacksmith shop heating metal in the old charcoal forge and hammer the red hot metal into all kinds of shapes, it was fun, and helped me to discover a passion of working with metal.

Many years later, I discovered the art of foundry which led to an amazing journey of learning, discovery and perfecting. I also began writing about how to build and operate a hobby foundry, the writings eventually became pdf ebooks which we made available on our web site which began in late 2002.

Roll forward to 2013, there are many people across the globe who are now working away in their hobby foundries making sand molds, melting and pouring metal with some remarkable results.

Just as in Blacksmith work, you are limited only by your imagination and a will to succeed. You may have even tried to do some foundry, and found it is not your bag, but it does present an interesting opportunity to build on your current metal working skills.

If you wish to learn more, take a cruise around our web site:

Or The Hot Metal Blog,



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